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Factory Seconds Whitegoods Sydney

We specialise in boxed and unboxed new whitegoods and very well presented seconds. However you may find a scratch or dent on items you purchase please observe photos or ask us a question about the item you wish to purchase.

We Buy and Sell All Used and Pre-Loved

Closing A Shop, Cafe Or Restaurant?????
Want To Empty Your Storeroom Or Garage???
Up Grading Your Equipment??

Don’t Stress, At Whitegoods and Co We Are Here To Help You Remove All Your Catering And Cooking Equipment.

Teco Whitegoods in Sydney

We are proud to be a distrubutor of the Teco Whitegoods in Sydney. We offer a 24 month warranty on all parts and labour. Teco products that we sell are Fridges, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Dryers and are only new.

We are the sole agent in the inner west and lower North Shore of Sydney.

Teco Whitegoods Teco Whitegoods Teco Whitegoods
Finance - ilease 4 Catering - Equipment Funding

The benefits include:-

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Factory Seconds Whitegoods

About Us

Opening our factory -outlet doors in early 2018 after many years of working in the whitegoods and appliance industry. We felt that the consumer was not getting what they deserve and choice was limited !


Buy Online Whitegoods from a Reliable Source

Every home needs various whitegoods that make the home a comfortable place to live. They may include anything from air conditioner and refrigerator to dishwasher and washing machines. Can you imagine your life without any of the appliances? It's impossible to live in summer without an air conditioner or in winter without a heater. That doesn't mean you have to purchase the home articles from just about any vendor. When you want high-quality goods, look no further than Sydney's leading whitegoods supplier, Whitegoods and Co Sydney.

Supplier of factory seconds white goods and discount appliances

Any home appliances can make a huge dent in your bank balance. There are ways you can avoid that from happening. Factory seconds from our outlet can help you in this regards. You will find everything that you need for your home in our outlet at a cheap rate. If you get lucky, you might grab a sale offer on the appliances you buy.

Sydney's cheapest appliances just got more affordable!

Visit our one-stop shop for all the goods you need to complete your home. For your convenience and delight, we have an online store as well. When you buy seconds at a discount, you are bound to find some drawbacks. Please remember that you may find scratches and dents on the purchased home articles. You must make sure you have observed all the images closely for scratches or other damages before buying anything. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask our experienced professionals.

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We have realised that the consumers out there are not getting what they need. To make their lives easier, we established our outlet in early 2018. Since then, we have been catering the residents with top-notch factory seconds at a cheap price! Visit our Sydney based online store to find what you need and make sure to check out our sale to get exciting discounts!



You guys were great from the minute I walked into the showroom. You understood exactly what I needed right away and your knowledge was 10/10. The Customer service was exceptional and they delivered my washing machine on the day. Old fashion service is what I felt as I was driving home -they get the job done!! 5 star service I will be using them again.

Pam Mosman